Volumes of law report series are organised either by year or by volume number. The public interest requires a balancing of the advantages to the economy of facilitating the borrowing of money against the possibility of injustice to unsecured creditors. Visit our Privacy policy for more information. Paragraph numbers may be referred to in addition to page numbers or where page numbers are not available. This style is allocated by the court.

Where reports contain multiple volumes, include the volume number in the pinpoint reference. The details required in order are: The formatting of authors’ names in bibliographic entries also differs from footnotes: The first listed source is quoted directly in the second source. These numbers are displayed at the bottom of the page in CCH reports. The exception to this rule is if a footnote lists more than one source in this case use ‘n’. Pinpoints are usually to pages, or pages and paragraphs.

See examples below – other phrases could be used depending on the context. For further details and examples of citations refer to:.

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Pinpoints are usually to chapters, pages or paragraphs. A comprehensive guide to legal research created annotatrd the VU Law Library. However, it will often not be possible to include a volume number, issue number or starting page. For further information, see AGLC rule 3. This method of citation was developed to accommodate referencing unreported judgments.


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Health and wellbeing ChemWatch Checklists and forms Accident and hazard reporting. All sources must be acknowledged in footnotes.

For a list of the relevant Pintpoint abbreviations see rule Where the author and web page are identical, the author should not be included. Both the volume and issue number should be included.

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For works by four or more authors, begin annogated the first-listed author’s family annotzted, followed by a comma and the given name or initials, and then ‘ et al ‘. Name of Royal Commission document type, month year pinpoint. Articles appearing in journals that are only available online should, to the extent possible, be cited the same way as hard copy journal articles.

We use cookies to improve your experience. For information about unreported cases without a medium neutral citation see AGLC rule 2. Consecutive pinpoint references are separated by a dash.

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annotated bibliography aglc

All other examples in this guide are footnotes. The first listed source is discussed in the second source. No jurisdiction should be included in the citation.


Footnotes A superscript number is placed after the relevant text, which refers to a footnote listed at the bottom of the page. The date of retrieval is not included in the citation. Legislative materials Acts The year of the Act appears in italics following the title.

Interactive Gambling Bill Cth. Chapters are indicated by ‘ch’ followed by a space and the chapter number. Italicise book titles and place chapter titles annotaged single quote marks. Legislation Legislation Print friendly version of this section. Volumes of law report series are organised either by year or by volume number.

annotated bibliography aglc

Hoffmann J concluded that: EndNote is a bibliographic management software application that allows you to create a personalised database of references. Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law 58, Research Integrity Support eResearch. It is of most use for large pieces of work such bibliograpy essays longer than 5, words.

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