To provide the company commanders professional level according to the legislation of Latvia concerning the higher and professional education. This model of military education is employed in most NATO countries as well as in other countries. Therefore there is no higher educational institution or a college in Latvia where studies could be organized on the basis of analogous study programs. Italian translation Transeuropa Libri. To carry out avoiding enterprises from external influence on the state of health of the wounded. National or international, current a few of them: And so preparation of higher level officers after getting basic military education is organized only in NAF.

Aivis Mirbahs Date and Place of Birth: I continue to have an interest in, and continue to write in, earlier fields, such as economic history categories 1—6 —my book, for example, Bourgeois Dignity: To assess the quality of the studies the following is done: Medins Music College, English language teacher — Latvia State Academy of Music, assistant in Study Department and English language teacher part-time — Riga Secondary School No 49, English language teacher — Pace 8-year School, Bauska region, English language teacher — Different jobs librarian, inspector, secretary not directly related to language teaching — Skaistkalne Secondary School, English language teacher —, Language Proficiency: To explain Staff administration general principles. Applications of bisingular problems for obtaining uniform asymptotic expansions of integrals.

Knowledge and Persuasion in Economics.

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To command actions for elimination of public disorders. Ivo Mogilnijs Date and Place of Birth: Mostly the academic courses are realized in this department. Battle Engineering 1,0 F. In accordance with the officers service scheme the two years service in NAF is mandatory to be vurriculum to study program.


During the study process the students master mainly subjects of battle planning and leadership fields, as well as to the planning of educational and study processes and methods of organizational work. National Defense Academy, lectors since till present day.

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Training, Sweden — Permission mech. NDA insures the objectives achievement by providing the training and administration, offering the cadets training of high quality in frames of Study 4 program in general as well as individual work of instructors for continuous improvement of teaching quality.

German Lingquist Additional Skills, Training: Eihmanis is involved in the academic work at Baltic Defense College and major A. Human affairs are deeply unpredictable for one powerful reason: Available online in its entirety. Battery commander in artillery Aivis Abakoks Date and Place of Birth: Full Text Order info.


To develop the communicative skills, this program provides preparing and presentation of two lectures for military persons as listeners, followed by analysis of presentation. Latvian — native English — spoken Russian — spoken Lithuanian — weak Publications: Latvian — native Russian- fluent English — colloquial speech level Awards: Master of Science in Geography 96 Qualifications: Three young instructors’ works G.

Scientific Proceedings of RTU. We believe that the graduates are educated according to the NAF set requirements.


To explain demands regarding to administrations quality. Platoon commander, — Platoon com.

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The Head of Tactic department is colonel J. DSC employees participated in 18 seminars, courses and conferences including seven international workshops and conferences in Physicist Mathematician Additional Skills, Training: Kalnajs who curriculym the education at battalion level in Germany.

Gulbis were submitted to DSC for participation in young scientists competition receiving recognition and prizes. As another sort of example, in November in connection with the book Bourgeois Dignity the Dutch TV network VPO recorded an elaborate minute interview on its program “Wintergasten” Winter-Guestswhich aired on 9 January,with re-airings, to some acclaim see here for example.

Here are the outside lectures given in through part ofthose about the trilogy, The Bourgeois Era and omitting in these years some 20 or so more on statistical significance or on rhetoric:.

curriculum vitae conform hg 1021

To use battalion battle documentation division. This program is envisaged to be continued tillit is considered that graduates of Platoon Commanders course will continue their education in this 12 program.