Our Mission Statement At St. Here is the link to the Trustee Newsletter. Schools will receive registration and original documentation until 6: Articles on this Page showing articles to of Praise your child for his or her effort and find something positive to comment upon in the work. Users are forbidden from:.

Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. Welcome to Literacy Gonzaga! The retreat normally takes place during the school day at a site off school property. Homework plays an important role in strengthening the bond between the school and the family. Lesson 9 – Solving Problems using Trigonometry. Thursday, April 21,

By directing your tax support to the Separate School System:. Contact us about this article.

Take a moment at the end of a homework session to discuss the work that was just done and to review it for completion and understanding. Suspension Details of student responsibilities if suspended can be found in the next section under Progressive Discipline and Suspensions, Page 5 in accordance with the Suspensions under Board Policy and Regulations and the authority of the Education Act Communicating With Teachers Parents, teachers and students are encouraged to keep an open line of communication throughout the semester in order to address any concerns or share praise.

It is our belief that as nurturing educators our students will model themselves in the image of Jesus Christ.


dpcdsb homework policy

For complaints, use another form. Leonczuk on leave Mr. For Secondary School students Riding Public Transit, cancellation of service will be communicated by the respective transit property over the radio.

Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board – St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Homewofk you have a child born inplease read this email for information on the registration process. Course Outlines All students will receive a course outline for each course at the beginning of the semester. Lesson 7 – Sine Law. By having these supplies on hand, time is not wasted in searching for them when they are required.

dpcdsb homework policy

The new policy document addresses the following: Department for the Arts. The Online Registration Form should be completed prior to in-person school meeting where original documentation will be received.

dpcdsb homework policy

All courses in all subject areas, in a Catholic secondary school, are taught from a Catholic point of dpvdsb. Since rules governing information on these networks vary from country to country, network to network, and computer to computer, it is an impossible task to develop and enforce regulations which are global.

Kindergarten Registration for to School year. Your child may not poliy talk to you about everything that is happening at school. Lockers are school property with students having temporary use only.

Newsletter Inserts for Elementary and Secondary Schools Dufferin-Peel Homework Policy

Follow up with the teacher, if necessary. Thursday, March 31st, It is expected that lockers be kept neat and clean and that materials displayed will respect the value of others. Parents who drive poliy children to school in the morning must also arrange to pick them up at the end of the day. Aloysius Gonzaga networks that all users do their part to safeguard the security precautions in place. Communicate a positive attitude towards homework.


Hall Secondary School are cancelled for today. Praise your child for the effort displayed in completing homework. Maintaining Momentum in Your Network. It is important that family members come to dpddsb agreement on the positive value of homework. This network will enhance the ability of our educators and students to meet the challenges of the future by extending education beyond the classroom. If it appears that the homework was difficult or confusing or if there are errors, encourage your child to ask the teacher for help at school the next day.

Add this document to collection s. In the Hall of the Mountain King. Encourage independent work on the part of your child, but be available for assistance.