Humans have been burning biomass materials since the dawn of time. Third; hydroelectric power is another source of renewable energy in the natural water cycle. One of the major reasons behind the crippled economy of Pakistan is terrorism. The former plays vital role in framing your base for the later, so it shall be taken seriously. Tariq Hameed, Chairman Wapda says,. The fact that a particular message is posted on or transmitted using this web site does not mean that CSSForum has endorsed that message in any way or verified the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message.

There will possibly be contamination of underground water so precious in Thar area, with poisonous chemicals originating from the burn chambers. Lastly, there is, undoubtedly, a need for providing speedy and affordable justice to poor masses. We have to build all dams. You become representative of your country and nation in other countries which is a great pride and honour. Man also needs to realise that the fossil fuel energy is limited and would be depleted. Air flowing through turbines or spinning blades generates power that can be used to pump water or generate electricity. Energy sector of Pakistan is considered to be under-developed, thanks to poor management and planning, with untapped potential for humungous growth.

However, there is no doubt in the minds of experts that Thar Coals resources can be materialized; it is only a matter of few years. The geological structure of Thar block three has been published by geological survey of Pakistan.

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The sooner the change takes place, the better it is in order to restore industrial and economic growth. This structure is against the fundamentals of Underground gasification UCG given in every book.


Then after the coal seams, a deep aquifer at m depth is present. The experimentation is going on since for the coals that are deeper than meters and not irshwd. Implementation of clean drinking water schemes possible with availability of more water. Saving import of fuel for thermal power plants reduce cost of electrically i.

By looking at the electricity generation mix of the countries that are blessed with coal, it is evident that coal is the largest contributor.

Given the present trend, Pakistan could soon become one of the food deficit countries in the near future. Gas contributes most with share of In addition, the analysis and argumentativeness are crucial for scoring high marks. Sunday, April 20, There has been no energy bonanza in Pakistan. The reforms vary, firstly, due to the time factor involved in the completion of projects; secondly, according to the nature of energy resource; and, finally, depends on supply and demand sides of the problem.

Moreover, the risk of being termed as a failed state was born out of the implications of oc other problem but terrorism.

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In transportation, many reforms can be made: Government needs more robust educational campaign that covers as many ears and eyes as possible.

However, combating terrorism is not an sodhag task for this resilient nation. However, the elections were marred by terrorist attacks on election campaigns.

Sixth; another alternate source of oil is methanol — a clear colourless liquid made from natural gas, coal industrial garbage. Presence of Nato and Allied Forces in Afghanistan is a major cause of instability in the region. To offset the gap between supply and demand, populace suffers from load management or load-shedding.


This is the very cheaper source and clean form of energy. Instead of harnessing new technology, the industrial growth in developing countries is increasingly dependent on fossil fuels.

Thar coal; the game changer

The lack of diversity of resources is the chief cause of energy crises. Hence, it faces a shortfall of around 3, to 8, MW.

The minds of younger generation need to essa washed of all the rigidness; then only peace will prevail in society. My success refutes all such perceptions. The country is in need of 15, to 20, megawatts MW per day. Moreover, a huge campaign is required to defeat the ideologies of terrorists.

essay of irshad sodhar

The first and foremost threat, it poses, is to democratic system of the country. Reconstructing the energy sector means dismantling decades of poor planning and isrhad, which speaks of the complexity of the situation. According to experts, these apprehensions are baseless and the real issue is that eseay politics. The government finds itself hapless to improve the law and order situation in the country.

First of all, religious leaders and scholars can play a vital role in this regard.