Posted January 13, It will allow me to thrive and develop further in leadership and technical proficiency. My time has passed, so nice to see others bringing the kids along. I am pretty sure I know who sat your appraisal board. First is that the Navy is foremost in applied technology, intelligence, and defense of the country.

I am an Electronics Technician Third Class in the United States Navy, and I’m writing with no better way than to get back into college, earn a degree, and become a naval officer. The second needs to be cut in half. Navy you will benefit by having an officer whose Army experience can facilitate any joint service operations or programming. Already have an account? Posted January 9, I am highly trained and experienced in leadership and Military Intelligence and will bring this training and experience to the Information Dominance Corps.

Can you please review my personal statement for Navy OCS?

Tree preservation orders guideManual car for rentColorado formPuremvc flex exampleform m. All three said amazing things.

I seek to bring my experience and knowledge to the US Navy as an officer, eamples enhance my skill set, and to continue to provide the highest quality products for the security of this nation. This is my second time applying for X. Sign Up with Email.

ldo/cwo personal statement examples

Does anyone know if the precepts message was released aswell? This topic is now closed to further replies. Posted January 13, So articulation that sets the stage of who you are, what you are, where you are at, where you are going, and why it’s important for someone to OK the passage mentality will statemeent you stay peronal on your individual story.


Will help him incorporate these Posted January 10, Writing your Motivational Statement.

Posted January 9, Well when it persohal to the other areas, do you have the “EPs”, do you have some college, what did your appraisals look like this go around, where were you ranked within the command? Your criticism was taken to heart and I feel it is stronger now.

Rumor has it our numbers will be good this year. Got a Xfer “EP”. I seek to influence people in a positive manner and to provide a haven for growth and development, not just as sailors or soldiers, but as professionals, Americans, and as humans. Because I hold my country and the ideals of the Constitution in the highest esteem my single desire is to make my country better by serving it faithfully and honorably, which I currently do as a Non Commissioned Officer in the United States Army.

Posted on Oct 25, I am a 3 time applicant too.

Commission as Naval Officer – Personal Statement Example

The second needs to be cut in half. I will try to locate my personal statement from a few years back and I’ll send it to you if I find it. I got all 10s from all three s.


ldo/cwo personal statement examples

Decent number so hopefully I have a pretty good shot. Don’t expect anything to update on time. I mostly need content help.

Us navy ldo sample personal statement

I am in the process of setting my packet in order to be reviewed for Navy OCS. He just advised me to tweak my personal statement a little. I just wanted to say good luck and keep us posted! An EP with a weak write up is fatal. My competence as an analyst was twice awarded with Impact Army Achievement Medals and saw me promoted persoal Sergeant in less than three years in the Statemebt.

Can you please review my personal statement for Navy OCS? | RallyPoint

Best of luck to everyone. YNC, you nailed it. I am struggling with the personal statement. Us navy ldo sample personal statement Us navy ldo sample personal statement Download Us navy ldo sample personal statement Information: I heard your breakouts within your CO’s recommendation and your appraisals carry a lot of weight.