For two years he and his men sailed along the coasts, exploring the new land. The Groenlendinga saga claims he made three landfalls at Helluland possibly Labrador , Markland possibly Newfoundland and Vinland. Come West – to Greenland After three years had passed, Eric the Red returned to Iceland and told of the bounty which he had found in the new land to the west, the land he named Greenland. After capturing the bear he used the same tactic to get back to land, impressing the people on shore. This one was flat and forest covered, but they did not land there either, they had to get back to Greenland.

Columbus Day is a U. However, several sites along the eastern coast of the United States and Canada, from Newfoundland to Virginia, have been suggested. Young Leif, his son, kept staring at the huge iceberg while they slowly and carefully rowed past it in their Viking ship. When Leif was not learning he and his friends would watch the ships come into the harbor; then he would listen to the tales of the sailors. The herds had multiplied and there were new houses and more slaves. He died in

Discovering the New World.

leif ericson essay

Then he told Leif of how he turned away from those gods and began to worship the living Christ. He is generally believed to be the first European to reach the North American continent, nearly four centuries years before Christopher Columbus arrived in Thyrker taught Leif everything he needed to know, including reading and writing runes, the Celtic and Russian tongueand the ways of trade. When he went ashore he found it to ericsoh flat with white beaches and some trees.


In Bjarni was driven off course by a fierce storm between Iceland and Greenland and sighted hilly, heavily forested land far to the west but never set foot on it. Our Solar System at a Glance.

leif ericson essay

Many peoples have contributed to the development of the United States. Then Leif sailed southeast for two days and came to an island with a mainland behind it.

His mother listened to his words and became a Christian.

Leif Erikson Essays – Viking Exploration Of North America

Exiled from Icelandhe was searching for a new home for his family. It was five days before they sighted Iceland. Leif then sailed south and found another land. Evidence suggests that there is foundation to these beliefs.

Leif Erikson

Stimulated and excited by his tales and descriptions, hundreds of people packed up their families and belongings and followed him to their new home. John Cabot Though the exact details of his life and expeditions are the subject of debate, John Cabot or Giovanni Caboto, as he was known in Italian may have developed the idea of sailing westward to reach ericsonn riches of Asia while working for a Fricson merchant.

When the messenger told the king who he was he replied, “Leif Erikson, I knew your father well! By the late s, he While in Norway, he marveled at all the wonderful things and rested in the lap of luxury. They sailed for many days and Sssay thought they would run out of food.

Leif Eriksson

There lived the lord’s daughter who was named Thorgunna. The herds had multiplied and there were new houses and more slaves. Here Leif had some booths or temporary shelters built.


Others argue that Vinland must have been more southerly, since grapes do not grow as far north as Newfoundland; however, grapes may have grown there during the Medieval Warm Period. John Rolfe arrived in Jamestown along with other settlers inas part of a new charter organized by the Virginia Company.

Thyrker was from Germany where Eric the Red had captured him, had taken him to Iceland, but had not enslaved him. Leif was probably 15 to 17 when he was out and saw a young polar bear on an ice flow. However the saga does not mention any attempt to settle there. According to the Eiriks saga, Eriksson sailed off course on his return to Greenland and landed on the North American continent.

Later he traveled to Greenland and Leif accepted him as his son. Eric’s house had grown since Leif had left. After capturing the bear he used the same tactic to get back to land, impressing the people on shore.

Also, the rivers and lakes were filled with salmon and a large variety of other fish. Columbus Day is a U. Continuing south Leif and his men discovered land again, disembarked, and built some houses. Many people decided to return to Greenland with Eric and his family because things had oeif been good in Iceland.

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