Sitka spruce and Douglas-fir seedlings in the nursery and in cold storage: By Muhammad Ferdous Raiyan. Forest Ecology and Management Huryea and Brown eds. The efficacy of biogas was applicable to the isolate used and conditions under which the experiment was conducted. Results from the flame test reveal only treatment C shows signs of flame production that indicates presence of biogas.

Google Scholar Lauridsen E. For the root class, it was found that root class 3 is consistently higher and significantly different compared to root class 1 but not to root class 2 Table 9. On the other hand, height differences as affected by root classes was significant up to the 6th month but became insignificant in the succeeding months. However, for the total tree biomass, provenance from Cotabato was significantly higher as compared with the other two provenances which are insignificant to each other Table 4. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. The setups were then sealed with a constructed bottle caps tightly and allowed a tape to wound around.

Root classes on the other hand, reported root class 3 as significantly higher with root class 2 and 1. Family mean heritability estimates. Studies with Loblolly pine have shown survival and growth to be positively correlated with seedling diameter South et al. The three factors did not show variations on basal area, and merchantable height. Ashalatha M, Kuber Literaature.

Western Journal of Applied Forestry12 3: This tree is commonly planted as a garden and an avenue tree; growing in villages along agricultural land and on village community lands and wastelands. Saplings and young plants need protection from deer and cattle.


Literature review on gmelina arborea

Evidences from the works of Richardsonpoint to the fact that lateral root initiation and growth are influenced by both nutritional and hormonal factors derived from the shoot. Ln present article provides all necessary information regarding its literature. Operational experiences tended to indicate that, other factors being equal seedlings with large stem calipers or diameters outperform those with smaller ones ChavasseCleary et al.

Dbh, basal area, root and total tree biomass revealed significant relationship with root classes Figure 6 while, all parameters measured were significantly related with root biomass Table 6.

Ina and Papa, brother and sister, his loving wife and kids and c above all to most merciful and most beneficent Allah who made this work possible. This tree can be propagated by seedlings, rooted cuttings, and grafting. Total height revealed revieew differences in terms of root classes.

literature review on gmelina arborea

Rocky Mountain Forest and range Exp. The Gmelina Arborea tree attains literture to large height up to 30 m with girth of 1. It is light demander, tolerant of excessive drought, but moderately frost hardy. For further improvement and reference for this study, the researchers recommend the following: Forest Ecology and Management 2: Unfortunately, the edaphic conditions that stimulate stem diameter increases are not found in the field.

literature review on gmelina arborea

However, distance of planting is insignificantly different in dbh. Diameter growth of Gmelina in the field revealed significant results in terms of provenance and planting distances up to one year. The researchers had focused only to the capability of G.


Published August 18, Biogas production to mitigate Green House Gas Emission This finding can be explained by the positive and significant correlation of provenance with heights and biomass of one year old Gmelina. A study on reforestation using large-size Quercus acutissima seedlings. Small-scale Forestry Journal 7 1: Vernom, Literwture Columbia, Canada.

(DOC) Utilization of Gmelina Arborea fruits as Biogas Resources | June Asok –

Nursery cultural conditions such as seedling bed density, fertility, moisture and mycorrhizal conditions have been shown to affect stem diameter. Quezon and Cotabato were significantly different literaturs Davao del Sur provenance Table 2.

Methods of measuring RGP have already been standardized in many temperate countries but this has not been done in the tropics including the Philippines Gazal Click here to sign up. All factors pn not show variation on basal area, and merchantable height.

The results of the analysis indicated that the RGP in terms of root class and root biomass of Gmelina tree was positively associated with the other growth traits and characters.