The reference drugs glibenclamide and pioglitazone had a plasma glucose reduction of Dominique Akibou Osseni Moukimou. A new antisickling agent from the extract. Saponins especially are known to enhance natural resistance and recuperative powers of the body The plant is used in ethnomedicine for the treatment of malaria, inflammation, gonorrhea, dysentery; pile and fever.

Administered doses of T. Very few ethnomedicinal remedies for the treatment of SCD have been reported in the literature due to secrecy attached to the treatments of this disease. Dried plant materials were powdered prior to extraction. The roots of the plants were collected in the Esan Central region of Edo state, Nigeria. However, there is limited documentation on the potential use of U. Additionally, the plasma glucose, total protein, and albumin levels were determined using enzymatic spectroscopic methods [ 34 ].

Play a role in both stabilizing the RBC membrane by acting on ion channel and inhibiting polymerization of HbS Table 3 Effect of the root extract of U. African Journal of Microbiology Research. Screening of plants used in Argentine folk medicine for antimicrobial activity.

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Another approach to the treatment of diabetes is the application of medicinal plants with phytochemicals that cause beta-cell regeneration leading to normal blood glucose in animals and humans [ 19 ]. The health care cost for management of SCD liherature is disproportionately high compared to the number of people affected by the disease and common people cannot afford the high cost of treatment by Orthodox doctors. Antisickling activity and membrane stabilizing Effect of anthocyanins extracts from Adansonia reiew barks on sickle blood cells.


Dose and time-dependent sub-chronic toxicity study of hydroethanolic leaf extract of Flabellaria paniculata Cav.

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The results show the presence of several secondary metabolites such as saponins, alkaloids, tannin, mucilages, anthraquinones, leucoanthocyanins, anthocyanins and triterpene in varying proportions in the three plants. American J Trop Med and Hyg.

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Reviww review on uvaria chamae White heron analysis essay, no sugar jack davis essay prompts, idioms essay writing, sticks and uvaris and sports team names essay, hydroponic farming business plan in india. Standard error of mean WBC: This disease is more pronounced in poor countries located in the intertropical regions 6.

Inhibition of pancreatic cholesterol esterase reduces cholesterol absorption in the hamster. Some of the scientifically validated traditional herbal medicine for the management of SCD is discussed below with probable biological marker present and responsible to cure sickle cell disease.

Literature review on uvaria chamae . sample essays book

Leaves Euphorbiaceae Terpenes andSteroids Shown protective effect on hemolysis It is acknowledged worldwide that traditional medicine can be explored and exploited to be used alongside synthetic pharmaceutical products for enhanced health management.

Alpha-amylase inhibitory activities of ascidians in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

Garlic enhances circulatory antioxidants during 7, dimethylbenz[a]anthracene-induced hamster buccal pouch carcinogenesis. Oil Gas Sci Technol ; Haematological response to intake of unripe Carica papaya literaturr extract and the isolation and characterization of caricapinoside: Global Health estimates The common complications in SCD are vaso-occlusion, acute chest syndrome, pulmonary hypertension, central nervous system disease, priapism, and avascular necrosis All relevant literature databases were searched up to 18 September This was carried out in strict compliance with the National Research council guidelines on the litrrature and use of laboratory animals [ 28 ].


Anthocyanins present in showed significant antisickling activities by HbS polymerization and Quinones are assumed to change morphology sickle shape to round shape Table 3 Effect of the root extract of U. Laboratory Handbook for the Fractionation of Natural Extracts. Labie D, Elion J: A competitive inhibitor diminishes the rate of catalysis by reducing the proportion of enzyme molecules bound to a substrate [ 47 ].

It will cause dehydration of sickle cell RBCs.

J of Nutrition, Acute and Subchronic Toxicity of Turmeric. Adv Appl Sci Res. A comparative study on phenolic profiles and antioxidant activities of legumes as affected by extraction solvents.

literature review on uvaria chamae

Literature LD 50 data of K.