To that end, contributors to the sessions on Day 1 will sketch out the shifting terrains that young people face in the contemporary context when seeking access to education, employment, and housing. Rachel Brooks University of Surrey , Dr. These trials represent the biggest study of its kind ever undertaken and will provide much-needed insight into both what works and how it works. Jake’s research focuses on understanding the causes and consequences of educational inequality and the evaluation of policies and programmes aiming to reduce it. Jennifer da Silva Bucknell University , Prof.

Youth attitudes will be examined in comparative and longitudinal perspective, drawing on the rich datasets which are emerging in different contexts. Home Our sponsor Contact and Applications. Evidence from three Anglophone countries. Evidence from an Australian longitudinal study. There have been no comprehensive studies, however, of changes in private school participation and of the value-added delivered by modernised private schooling in the 21st century.

Anja Neundorf University of NottinghamDr. The Curriculum Journal, 29 3 The changing impact of parents’ social class, social status and education, and family income, European Societies Green, A.

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On Day 2, the contributors will then examine if youth civic attitudes are changing in response to these trends.

His research interests lie in the sociology of stratification and inequality, sociology of education, and income inequality. He is always keen to hear about new research opportunities in the fields lakes education, training and skills; social mobility; and policy evaluation. There’s more information on a rseearch of these projects below. Against this pa;er, the aim of this conference is to examine how young people are making the transition to and through adulthood.


Rachel Brooks University of SurreyDr. To that end, contributors to the sessions on Day 1 will sketch out the shifting terrains that young people face in the contemporary context when seeking access to education, employment, and housing. Students should generally find resources for these on the relevant UCL Moodle site.

Professional Development in Education, 45 2 The aim of this project is to investigate two key related aspects of the role of private schools in Britain in the 21 st century: Please confirm your place by sending an email to Richard Arnold r. We are also working closely with the RSA on their broader work to contextualise effective cultural learning activities and improve the use of evidence in this area.

Five randomised controlled trials of cultural learning interventinos UCL Institute of Education and the Behavioural Insights Team working llaoes partnership were selected by the EEF to run a klakes multi-trial evaluation of five cultural learning interventions in English primary schools. British private schooling is quite unusual in international comparison, combining both very high fees and only a low level of public subsidy through tax reliefs. Journal pre-print version available here.

Pxper Chapters Pensiero, N.

Regimes of social cohesion

Registration is free, but spaces llxkes limited. Ann Berrington University of Southampton. As a pathways fellow, he has developed an expertise in the anlaysis of educational inequalities from both a cross-country and longitudinal perspective.

To conclude the conference, the final session will draw together these diverse perspectives, and explore the implications of these changes for the theories we use to understand youth transitions at a time when these pathways appear to be increasingly fragmented and extended.


He has also worked on the British cohort studies to analyse trends of inequality of educational opportunities using a multidimensional conceptualization of social origins. Together, these papers will address the question: An earlier version of this work appeared as: AERA Open, 2 4 Why are the Anglophone Countries so Unequal?

Yet we also know that the challenges that young people experience are not necessarily temporary or crisis-driven; youth opportunities and values are also being affected by the changes that have reesarch taking place in our social, economic and civic structures over the past two decades.

llakes research paper

In he completed a PhD in Social and Political Sciences at the European University Institute with a thesis on the early and non-cognitive determinants of socio-economic resewrch. From earlier studies we know that private school alumni educated in the 20th century on average achieved well in public exams and had substantially greater success in the labour market, when compared with similar pupils who attended state schools.

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Home Our sponsor Contact and Applications. In the process, we will focus in particular on youth opportunities in the areas of employment, education and housing and their shifting attitudes towards political engagement, tolerance, trust, and the role of the individual versus the state.

Journal of Educational Psychology, 3 European Sociological Review, 32 1 Oxford Review of Education, 43 4 ,