Very few locals knew that Pinatubo was a volcano due to its dormancy for years , but thankfully, explosions were reported by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology PHIVOLCS who conducted an aerial survey around the volcano which was partly inhabited by the indigenous Aeta People to find 3 explosion craters and columns of steam. This damaged all the seven seismic stations. The volcano was just getting warmed up. Acacia trees lay in gray heaps, trees and shrubs were covered in ash. On June 10, American officials made the call to evacuate more than 14, service members and their families from Clark Airbase to Subic Bay Naval Station and most were returned to the United States. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Stephanie hails from East Tennessee, the global center for salamander diversity.

You can also categorise your responses into the 3Rs…This can be important for your syllabus…. The economy of central Luzon was horribly disrupted. Although much equipment was successfully protected, buildings on two U. All efforts were focused on answering the questions — will Pinatubo erupt catastrophically, and when? Mount Pinatubo, on the other hand, threatened tens of thousands who lived on or near its slopes.

But despite the new tools, Hoblitt said, it’s still difficult to predict exactly when a volcano will blow and how large its eruption will be.

Remembering Mount Pinatubo 25 Years Ago: Mitigating a Crisis

Your email address will not be published. A slightly different case study here in the sense that Philippines is a Less developed country, whilst my previous case study post, Iceland, was classed an MEDC.


Produce a diagram of the tectonic processes involved Use the below links to help discover the When and the Why of the this Volcanic Hazard Event… https: Nearly every bridge within 18 miles 30 km of Mount Pinatubo was destroyed. You are commenting using your Google account.

Pinatubo Volcano Case Study (1991)

This was a sign that hot magma was pushing up against the surface, stretching and bulging the land above. At the time, the population of Clark and nearby cities of Angeles, Sapangbato, Dau and Mabalacat numbered aboutThink as well — which were short term and which were long term…?

It is also the largest eruption to affect a densely populated area. Email required Address never made public.

Remembering Mount Pinatubo 25 Years Ago: Mitigating a Crisis

Also, prior to the eruption, the volcano was covered in tropical vegetation and was home to over 30, people living on its slopes and surrounding villages. Rice paddies and sugar-cane fields that have not been buried by lahars have recovered; those buried by pinagubo will be out of use for years to come. You could also use the development compass rose to categorise the reponses to the volcanic eruption.

Thousands of small earthquakes occurred beneath Pinatubo throughout April, May and June in Live Science Planet Earth Pinatubo: These stations recorded earthquakes just 5 miles below Pinatubo, meaning a likely eruption would be dangerous.

The ancestral Pinatubo started to form about 1 million years ago, and built an andesite — dacite stratovolcano. It then resurfaces due to density changes between magma and rock and so it acse out pniatubo small cracks and explod es out through the volcano.


mt pinatubo case study usgs

But the relief was followed by concern, as after the initial minute eruption, Pinatubo started rumbling again. No geologic map, no hazards map, nothing.

mt pinatubo case study usgs

This has huge influences on the economy. The first sign that Pinatubo might be restless came in mid-March The following year 3, homes were destroyed. The outer flanks of the caldera are stripped of vegetation and covered with ash. The ash also damaged many land uses sudy as farming.

June pinatuvo th — June 15 th But if the mountain did blow today, monitoring it would be slightly easier, thanks to 20 years of technological advances. In andthe average temperature in the Northern Hemisphere was reduced 0.

Pinatubo is not expected to erupt again for hundreds of years, assuming it keeps to its usual schedule.

mt pinatubo case study usgs

Frequent earthquakes ussg the area, alarming residents. The seismic drum room was a maze of wires and cables; the daily drum roll of seismicity posted on the walls.

Today, data received at PVO would be forwarded to colleagues in the U. By then, almost all aircraft had been removed from Clark and local residents had evacuated.

All of these massive impacts caused the team to completely evacuate the Clark Air Base.