Everyone will have shadowed a surgeon, a doctor, a vet. Check on the website if this is out of date next year. How many interviews will there be? BMJ Books; 4th ed. One of the requirements of a doctor is also to be clear and understood by patients and other professionals. July 6th, 0 Comments.

You will then be eligible to apply for full registration with the General Medical Council. Entry grades are BBC with interviews decided on personal statement. The university had a record number of applications this year so absolutely well done. As well as completing the eligibility form, applicants to the BM6 programme will be asked to provide answers to the following questions no more than words for each question. Afternoons are free time! April 23rd, 0 Comments. I do so love getting emails!

If you feel your statement is better when it is read out loud with large arm movements, you probably need to change it.

How to strengthen your personal statement

Applicants must be able to show they: Do you already have an account? If however, you want to discuss your EPQ or a specific part of your studies — by all means.

University expectations ; What do you hope to get from university? Anyone can tell you if it is good because everyone should have an opinion on who they want as a doctor. View the language modules on offer.

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But seriously, I was the one in the yellow shirt ha with the misbehaving fringe. The southamtpon may hold copies of such texts, or alternatively you may wish to purchase your own copies.


Oct 22, Messages: Explain why the BM6 programme at Southampton is right for you What motivates you to study medicine? Applicants must be able to show they:. Ha, its encouraging to know your a lazy future doctor: These are lecturers, doctors, teachers, admissions staff.

BM6 – Southampton Uni

So a quick shout out to those I met at the open day. A minimum grade C in southapton, English language and double award science or equivalent. Leadership and communication skills. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Need to get a white lab coat and a stethoscope and stuff. Radcliffe Medical Press ; 6th ed This test is required as part of the application process for The Foundation Programme, which follows directly after graduation. These modules are specially-designed to give you a good foundation and upon successful completion of Year Zero, you will statemnt on Year 1, studying alongside BM5 and BM EU students.

They decide who is getting one and everyone in that lucky list will get one eventually.

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Graded on interview and personal statement and offers given to the highest scorers. We are committed to ensuring that all students with the potential to succeed, regardless of their stateemnt, are encouraged to apply to study with us.


Remember that while medicine is an art and a science, until you are practicing it as a doctor, it is simply science.

Already overheard one current BM5 telling a prospective student and her parents that BM6 was for special people. Interview will also have a group task. The uni gives you a list of book that are helpful, but by far the best book for BM6 is by Elaine Marieb. Try books before you buy them, read them and see if you like it.

southampton bm6 personal statement

Based on the University’s main Highfield campus, the School is situate People get asked about the history of medicine, the future of medicine, books southhampton mentioned they read, hobbies, ethics, law. Write in short clear sentences and try not to sound like Shakespeare.

Don’t just give a list, consider choosing two or three interests to talk about in detail. You could sum up the type of person you are. My back up’s are Chemistry at Hull, due to my favourite subject was Chemistry at A level, and Music at Aberdeen, due to that I love music, and enjoy it alot!

southampton bm6 personal statement