MR Study Notification shares buy-back: Poly Buragohain Post Doctoral Researcher. No leap of faith here: Adam Head Engineer I am an aerospace engineer committed to make the world a better place. Viktoriya Degeler Researcher, Project Coordinator.

The results show that both ion cross-over and local diffusion boundary layers play important roles in the BPM voltage. My main strengths are adaptability, social skills, curi. Qi Wang PhD candidate. Poly Buragohain Post Doctoral Researcher. For reproduction of material from NJC: All trade marks and names are owned by their respective owners. I dream of a better world.

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thesis david vermaas

Adam Head Engineer I am an aerospace engineer committed to make the world a better place. This may take some time to load. If the material has been adapted instead of reproduced from the original RSC publication “Reproduced from” can be substituted with “Adapted from”. Koen Hindriks Associate Professor.


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Mostafa Hajian Assistant Professor Ambition, hard working, intelligent, sky is limit, always looking for innovative engineering challengesa winner, sportive, love music.

Bipolar membranes BPMs have attracted growing interest in electrochemical and photoelectrochemical systems, as they allow the unique ability to pair two different electrolytes which can be optimized for their respective oxidation and reduction reactions.

Faazel Abolfazl Nadi Researcher. Vermas, polymers, composites for sensing applications.

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PhD students Jordi Moreno and Dr. Pavan RajEngineer Design engineer looking to work in a dynamic startup. Nelleke Louwe KooijmansOnderzoeker in Opleiding. Siddharth Ravi Student Researcher. Search articles by author David A. David Vermaas Universitair docent. Elias Larbi Teaching Assistant. This profile hasn’t been verified. Tommaso Troiani Product Manager I am a management engineer with a passion for data and innovation.

Jack Schorsch PhD Candidate I’m an entrepreneur, engineer, inventor and scientist with 15 years pushing the edge of technology. For reproduction of material vwrmaas NJC: Inexhaustible project manager and avid knowledge explorer.


thesis david vermaas

Chetan Kumar Master Thesis. Felienne Hermans PhD student. Ion transport mechanisms in bipolar membranes for photo electrochemical water splitting. Alex OlteanuGuest Researcher software geek. Piyush Chauhan Board Member. Giovanni Zenezini Visiting PhD student. Poly Buragohain Post Doctoral Researcher. This site uses cookies.

thesis david vermaas

Marek Nosek Student Assistant. Peter Troxler Docent commissioned. Maxim Amosov Research Fellow Vermaaw, determined and compassionate student. I am passionate about business solutions to development.

Menno van der Horst PhD Candidate.